Treaty in Stupidity – part 1

Martin Luther Kind had a dream. His dream was different from mine. But I, nevertheless, have a dream. I wish stupidity would hurt. I am trying to make this point for maybe more than two years. Those who know me are aware of that fact and have got used to my utopian craziness.
Why would the world be a better place if stupidity would hurt? Because some people would be too concerned with their pains to be able to express that stupidity on a daily basis.
Since I have memories I remember stupid ideas, stupid people, stupid actions. And the older I grow, the more I can notice every little aspect of it. Of course every single time I make this point, some person tries to counter-argument my issue by saying that I cannot see the stick in my own eye. Be that as it may, I leave others to criticize me, while I take my time to criticize the others. It is a vicious circle.
Many will not understand this, and in my dream they would suffer immense pains, that would make me a little bit happy. But, of course, that is my dream only.
I tend not to notice stupidity in the beginning. I give everybody I know the presumption of cleverness, but some of them disappoint me along the way. I do not associate with stupid people. I feel that it is pointless to talk to someone who will never understand anything more than daily gossip. And that takes me to my first argument.

Stupidity as daily gossip
Please, someone explain to me what is the fun in spending countless hours talking about other people, trying to express your supremacy over them, spitting bullshit over other people, with the final goal of absolutely nothing. It’s funny to me to see people gathered around a table, chain-smoking, talking about others, doing absolutely nothing else ever. And then we wonder why the young generation is made up of morons. Because they DO NOT read books, because they do not write or try to communicate anything else than basic gossip. I mean, I know it’s hard to speak about Nietzsche, and I do not expect that of everyone I know, but seriously people, does your expertize stop at „look at that guy and his clothes, he dresses awfully,” and that irritates me in the manner that there are possibilities of growing, but nobody is experience them. Why? Because it is so much easier to gossip than do something productive.

Stupidity as the environment it takes place in
If you live in Cambridge, MA and study at Harvard, probably the amount of stupidity is lower than if you live in Adunatii Copaceni, Romania. However, even in academic environments, stupidity can prevail. How? When there is nothing else to do, when a university does not provide you with enough extra-curricular activities, that would make your brain start working. If you have four classes a week, with more or less no homework, the rest of the time you will procrastinate and do absolutely nothing. I have nothing against going out, having fun, getting drunk and partying. That is perfectly fine. My idea has more to do with what you do at other times, when there is no partying included.

That’s it for the first two arguments in this treaty, which may have a second, third, fourth… etc. part. As a disclaimer, these few words of mine are not directed at anyone personally, it’s just a list of things I have noticed in my life. Please comment and tell me I’m wrong, I wish I am.


6 răspunsuri to “Treaty in Stupidity – part 1”

  1. Marian P. Says:

    Heh, yeah it would certainly be a better world with that in place.

  2. Raluca Says:

    Off-topic: corect e ‘ca sa fii la curent cu ce mai scriu’. Nu am neaparat o obsesie cu corectitudinea gramaticala, dar iti strici reputatia de Harvard cu chestia asta 🙂
    Am ajuns pe blogul tau de pe pagina de facebook a lui mircea badea. Vad ca te promoveaza 😛

  3. mariusnicolescu Says:

    lol, badea are facebook? buna asta…

  4. Raluca Says:

    well…acum cred ca te-ai convins singur.

  5. mariusnicolescu Says:


  6. paul gauguin Says:

    Hmm respectele mele…nu am citit postul asta(din motive obiective,nu suport limba engleza ) ,dar le-am vazut pe celelate in unele privinte sunt de acord cu tine in altele NU.

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