Movie review: Two women swap lives for Christmas

By Marius Nicolescu
February 13, 2007

A Hollywood chick flick outside of Hollywood

Diaz and Law

This Christmas Hollywood cooled off in England taking along four of its stars, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. Writer and director Nancy Meyers (The Parent Trap, Something’s Gotta Give, What Women Want) produced one of the box office hits of 2006. The Holiday opened in the US on Dec. 10 and has recently reached Blagoevgrad’s Cinemax theater.
If you have seen any other Nancy Meyers film you might know what to expect – a romantic comedy with a happy ending, where everybody learns from their mistakes and can choose the right path. It is predictable and drags on for more than two hours.
Two women, Iris (Winslet) and Amanda (Diaz), bored with their lives, decide to switch houses during the winter holiday in an attempt to run away from the people they do not get along with.
Of course, this move turns their lives upside down. And since Nancy Meyers is Nancy Meyers, each of them meets a guy and they fall in love.
The movie leaves you with a cozy, warm feeling, but that is about it. The settings are beautiful, especially the ones in Britain, but the story lacks depth. It tends to get boring and the Hollywood clichés frequently overwhelm the viewer.
Law’s character, a typical macho man, can make anyone fall in love with him. Yet, as the plot develops, he reveals his sensitive side. He admits to crying sometimes, and by the end of the movie he actually does.
Diaz, vibrant and radiant as usual, sparkles on the silver screen as an attractive prop. However, that is where her role ends. Her character lacks substance. She is funny at times, but mostly static.
Jack Black plays the role he always plays, the musician, and that about sums it up. Winslet’s character evolves most throughout the flick. Her performance is one of the few real pleasures of the film.
The Holiday is an OK movie, brilliant for people who crave romantic comedies. Nevertheless it is a chick flick with little appeal to fans of action movies or anything with substance beyond the usual Hollywood dribble.

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