Săptămîna Internaţională la AUBG

Incepe saptamana Internationala la Universitatea Americana din Bulgaria. De fapt a inceput ieri cu prezentarea tarilor din care sunt studentii de aici. In continuare un articol semnat de mine si Marina Ceprazova, studenta din Moldova la AUBG referitor la acest eveniment.
Taste fest 2006
Food, dance and humor define International Week
By Marina Ceprazova and Marius Nicolescu
February 4, 2007

    For the first time, the week includes workshops on intercultural stereotyping and country humor

The seventh edition of the International Week at AUBG starts Monday, February 5. It will begin with student presentations of the participating countries; five more events will follow. For the first time, the week includes a traditional games and customs evening and workshops on intercultural stereotyping and country humor.
The week will culminate with the most popular events, the dance festival and the taste fest. For these, two students are preparing tediously. “We are concentrating on traditional cuisine this year,” says Lydmila Sanina, a student from Kazakhstan. “I personally called my mother to ask her for the recipes. As far as I know, I am not the only one to do so.”
Alsu Khasanshina, a freshman from Russia, will take part in the taste fest with a traditional Tatar dish. “My mom told me the recipe. It is my favorite, but I won’t reveal the secret,” Khasanshina says. Her roommate, Anna Baranova, also from Russia, wants to participate, but she says she is only good at dishwashing.
“We did not call anyone, as all the Mongolians at AUBG can cook our traditional dishes,” says Mongolian student Uuganbayar Tserendorj. Besides exotic meals, the Mongolian participants plan to surprise the audience with their traditional games, dances and costumes. “All of us take the costumes when we travel, and we will wear them at the fest,” Tserendorj says.
Dan Gherasimenco, a student from Moldova, volunteered to make a presentation of his country for the first evening. “We will concentrate not on traditions and customs of our country, but on what is left from them nowadays.” Gherasimenco promises to deliver an objective presentation, although he says, “there is no way to escape subjectivity when talking about your home country, which I personally adore.”
A team of two to four students from AUBG is in charge of organizing each event says Pavlina Pavlova, the head of the International Student Services office. The students are members of the Diversity Club and the Phi Beta Delta Club at AUBG. Serik Sharipov, one of the organizers, says he expects “zero formality and infinitely many memories worth cherishing for years to come.”
This year the organizers of the International Week have found a new way to involve professors, by inviting them to tell jokes at the country humor workshop. “Seeing your instructor in a different perspective is always fun,” says Tenyo Arabadzhiev, another event organizer.

Link: http://www.defactobg.com/index.php?act=2&id=654

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