Cutia cu amintiri

Exact acum un an pe scriam urmatoarele: „The first time you encounter those fine particles of perfume you smell a faint rose scent. Then, as it touches your skin it turns into a mixture of smells, from Lillis to the fade scent of the sunflower. It brings back so many memories. But why would it? I never smelled that before. I mean, I smelled those scents each at a time, not all in the same time. Then why does it smell so good? I guess it’s psychological sentiment, it’s because I want it to smell that good. But still, I love to smell that fine fragrance. On her fine neck it is like the most precious diamond. And when I kiss her, and smell that, I belong to that moment. Forever.
Belong by Celine Dion

Celine Dion -Belong

De dragul vremurilor de atunci 🙂


2 răspunsuri to “Cutia cu amintiri”

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    […] aceeasi tema: Cutia cu amintiri Copil […]

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